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Working with us

A career with Maël India is full of challenges, learning opportunities, and tremendous responsibility. You will get to work on Core Product Engineering and Application Development for some of the leading Global Enterprises. We encourage, recognize and reward top performance.We believe that employees should benefit directly from their contribution to our growth. In addition to top-tier industry salaries, we offer a competitive bonus program tied to corporate and individual performance. The ideal Maël India candidate is a technical high-achiever, a team player, a self-motivated individual, and an out-of-the-box thinker with a passion for developing great technical solutions to business problems

Work Environment

Our people are our most important assets & we believe that to take care of their aspiration and moral is our prime responsibility. We observe a very healthy work culture in our organization which is free from any kind of hierarchy pressure, age and religion boundaries.Trust, Faith, Openness, Freedom of expression & speech are our core values. To maintain this open and friendly kind of a work culture, we have formulated our HR policies,which implements actions against any kind of harassment done based on Physical disability, Gender or Religion/caste of the employees.

Culture Of Learning

All the new trainees would be given training by the senior and experienced teams in our organization to brig the newly joined upto the expected level of the technical knowledge.

Culture of Employee Development

Its our responsibility to recognize and reward individual working at our organization. Our performance management systems enables us to measure the performance of our people putting efforts in their day to day project life.